About "Twenty Stars"

Twenty Starts team
We grow

Twenty Stars™ is a US trademark of premium household products. Our brand is new, but we eager to be the best of the best and we know that our future is a constant growth.

We search

Our main principle is quality for the fair price. Despite the main products are made in China, we have very strict quality control, and most of the products are assembled in the US. Therefore we can offer the best quality at reasonable prices.

We value

We are working with many retail stores all over our country, and we are glad to see perfect reviews about products we created and distributed. We value trust and honesty in our business relations!

We develope

We develope our network presence "brick by the brick", and we like to see more and more satisfied online customers every day.

We know

Twenty Stars™ is not only a trademark to us, but it's a valuable investment of our "corporate family", and is a business that we love and know how to do!

You can get more information about our company by contacting us. We will be glad to review your ideas, concerns, propositions and other business matters.